17 April 2019

Mortgage Protection & Life Cover costs could now be reduced by up to 50%

17 April 2019,

Did you take out expensive mortgage protection or life insurance…perhaps during the Celtic Tiger era? Then you must read the remarkable survey findings below…

8 January 2019

Lenders are now required to tell customers if they can save on their mortgage

8 January 2019,

Changes to the Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Code which aim to give customers more transparency and make it much easier to change mortgage providers,…

22 October 2018

Switch Your Mortgage and Save Big — It’s Worth the Hassle!

22 October 2018,

We know that the very idea of switching mortgage providers can seem stressful; however, it can save you a lot of money. So, looking…

20 September 2018

Dublin homes over-valued by 25pc as report warns global boom is ending

20 September 2018,

An international research has shown that, when compared to the incomes in the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, properties in Dublin are,…

31 August 2018

Rents in Ireland hit record-high as it’s now €274 more per month than Celtic Tiger peak

31 August 2018,

Home-renting prices in Ireland have risen by 12.4% this year till June, and they show no signs of slowing down. This will be the…