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In a notable update to their mortgage services, AIB Group has dramatically increased its switcher payment by 50%, raising the amount from €2,000 to €3,000. This strategic enhancement is designed to attract homeowners whose fixed-rate mortgage terms are nearing an end, particularly as the mortgage market begins to see increased activity.

Details of the Offer: AIB’s updated incentive is now more lucrative for customers switching their mortgages to AIB, EBS, or Haven, with the increased payment effective from May 27, 2024. This applies to both existing applications and those who decide to switch in the future, ensuring that a broader range of customers can benefit from this increased support.

Market Context and Competitive Analysis: The adjustment comes at a time when many Irish homeowners are seeing their fixed-rate mortgage terms expire, sparking a renewed interest in mortgage switching options. AIB’s decision to increase the switcher payment follows their recent strategic move to reduce rates by 0.2% across their green mortgage offerings, signalling a robust attempt to stay competitive in a bustling market.

Implications for Homeowners: For homeowners considering switching their mortgage, AIB’s offer could be particularly appealing, especially for those with higher energy-rated homes, thanks to the bank’s attractive green mortgage rates. However, those with homes rated lower on the energy scale might find better rate options elsewhere, suggesting that potential switchers should weigh their options carefully and consider all factors, including long-term interest costs and benefits.

With this increase in switcher payment, AIB reaffirms its competitive stance in the mortgage market, aiming to attract a significant number of switchers with the promise of added financial support. Homeowners are encouraged to review their current mortgage arrangements and consider whether taking advantage of this new offer aligns with their financial goals.

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Author: Fran Cooke


Fran specialises in finance products – Pensions, Life & Mortgages advising both individuals and corporates throughout Ireland. Fran holds qualifications and accreditations from Maynooth University and the Life Insurance Association (LIA) in Financial Services. Fran recently completed the Special Investment Advisor (SIA) course and is currently refreshing his pensions knowledge with the Retirement Planning Adviser (RPA) accreditation.