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We will review your current financial position, listen to what you want to achieve and recommend a suitable mortgage solution that is right for you and meets your needs.

Whilst we would like to meet you face-to-face, we appreciate this isn’t always possible so we are happy to facilitate zoom or teams meetings.

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Killian Leahy
Killian Leahy
12:47 20 Dec 22
We've just closed on our first home, with huge thanks to Margaret and Fran in All Financials. We were referred through a family member and couldn't have asked for a better service. From day 1 they were so helpful with any questions we had and made... the otherwise-daunting mortgage application process so easy for us. I have already and will continue to recommend All Financials to anyone thinking about applying. Call them now!read more
Jeremy Simmons
Jeremy Simmons
11:24 06 Oct 22
Outstanding service from All Financials particularly Margaret and Fran who assisted and advised us with our mortgage application and drawdown. Excellent communication and professionalism throughout as well as being genuinely lovely people to deal... with.read more
Mary Gillan
Mary Gillan
15:33 14 Jul 22
I highly recommend Niamh and her colleagues in All Financials. I decided to switch my morgage and I contacted them as a friend had used them too. I am very glad that I did so as they provided me with an exceptional service. At every stage through... the switching process, Niamh provided me with invaluable advice, assistance and support. These processes are cumbersome and stressful but I can honestly say she made it much easier for me. She genuinely cares about her clients and provides a superb service throughout. She has also saved me thousands and I can’t recommend her highly enough.read more
Brendan Dunne
Brendan Dunne
12:29 25 Jan 22
A big big thanks to Margaret and Fran for all of their help and patience throughout the whole mortgage process. They made what is a generally a stressful period a lot easier by providing an extremely helpful and professional service. Couldn't... recommend them enough.read more
Alina Mihaela Barbu
Alina Mihaela Barbu
09:00 24 Jan 22
Margaret and Fran are amazing and have made the entire experience a great one. They have helped with getting my mortgage approval and then they have guided me all the way. I have already reffered family and friends to them because they make such a... huge difference in navigating the whole process. I am forever grateful for the great support and tremendous patience! You are the best!read more
James Temple
James Temple
09:05 06 Nov 21
We used All Financials as our mortgage broker starting initially in April 2020 thru to when we closed in November 2021. Fran and Margaret are both lovely people, very approachable, helpful and organised. From educating us at the start of the process... to advising on next steps during, giving us contact for a solicitor and giving us a steer on mortgage protection and everything else we needed, they really were the knowledgable mentor for us while guiding us through the entire mortgage process. As first time buyers this advice and guidance was invaluable to us.Re: mortgage, All Financials are impartial to all providers, so we objectively discussed our requirements (which they helped us figure out!!) and working from there, All Financials found the best mortgage product for us.They were always responsive and helpful. Highly recommend their service.All our dealings with All Financials were remote due to pandemic but that of course was not an issue.Of course the service is free of charge and impartial because they collect their standard fee from the mortgage provider, meaning we could trust their advice.Overall I cant recommend them enough. Excellent serviceread more
James Haughey
James Haughey
14:05 12 May 21
Excellent service, great communication and efficiency. Margaret in particular provided great advice in dealing with complicated mortgage application. Many thanks, highly recommend.
14:23 29 Mar 21
From the very first meeting we were very impressed and happy with the advice we got but All Financials committment and professionalism really shone during our mortgage proceedings. Talking to Margaret was the constant bright point in otherwise... taxing journey: always on top of things, knowledgeable, well informed, responding (really quickly!) to all our queries, absolute delight to deal with. If we ever need financial advice again All Financials will be our first port of call.read more
Caoimhe Keogh Leatherland
Caoimhe Keogh Leatherland
09:33 11 Mar 21
I recently worked with All Financials for over a year to purchase my new home. The level of help my husband and I received was second to none. We worked particularly with Fran and Margaret who were there around the clock for us to answer questions,... provide advice and simply just check in on how we were getting on on our end, and see if there was anything more they could do to help us. All our calls and emails were answered in a very timely and quick fashion. They also were very personable and it felt like they genuinely cared and were invested in us getting our house.... which ended up being a very long process due to Covid complications. I can't recommend them enough if you are looking to get advice and start the mortgage process.read more
denis o donnell
denis o donnell
01:18 14 Jan 21
The guys at All Finacials are very helpful and lovely to deal with! They really go above and beyond to get you the best deal. It's well worth your time giving these guys a call!
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Your Local Mortgage Broker

At All Financials we have successfully sought and secured mortgages for clients throughout Ireland, from Dublin to Galway and Dingle to Letterkenny.

Based in Raheny, the majority of our clients are in the surrounding areas of Raheny, Clontarf, Baldoyle, Sutton, Artane, Marino, Malahide; Howth but we would be delighted to help no matter where you are.

Your mortgage is probably the biggest financial decision you will make during your lifetime.

It is therefore essential that you choose the right professional partner to guide you through this process. As a Mortgage Advisor we have access to all the mortgage providers in the broker market and hence can offer free unbiased advice to you the mortgage client with regard to the different criteria each bank will have and the best interest rates they have to offer.

Mortgage advice tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

If you are looking for a mortgage for your first home or if you are looking to top-up your existing mortgage or even if you just want to check if you are on the best available mortgage rate, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help!


What is a mortgage?

Although most wish to buy a property with only their own money, not many first-time buyers are affluent enough to do so. Thus, in order to finance the property, they decide to take out a mortgage.

In layman’s terms, a mortgage is a type of loan that’s secured against a property someone wants to buy. When someone says they have a mortgage, it means they had to borrow an amount of money in order to buy the home, and they now have to give it back, i.e., repay it.

Before getting a mortgage, the buyer agrees to a repayment schedule, which is decided based on what the buyer can afford. However, if they fail to make payments and respect the schedule, they may lose their home, as it can be repossessed.

Thus, we can also say that a mortgage is a form of security. In order for the lender to be sure their money will be paid back, they have to set up some ground rules to get the payments. In addition, they also charge either a fixed or a variable interest rate on the loan.

What is a fixed-rate mortgage?

In order to have some peace of mind, buyers often choose to get a mortgage with a fixed interest rate. What this means is that they will agree to monthly repayments and an interest rate that won’t change for a set period. As such, they won’t have to worry about not having enough money to make the next payment.

However, although repaying the loan at a fixed interest rate sounds ideal, this also means that the amount of money the buyer has to give every month won’t change. Thus, a fixed-rate mortgage may prove to be costlier over a more extended period.

What is a variable rate mortgage?

In contrast to a fixed-rate mortgage, a variable rate mortgage offers a lot more flexibility to first-time buyers. Instead of making fixed monthly repayments, buyers can increase them and even pay off the whole mortgage or at least a part of it with one bigger payment.

In fact, they can also re-mortgage but not pay fixed-rate breakage fees.

But this type of mortgage can also be a problem for some owners. There is no peace of mind here, as the repayments can plummet or surge at any given time and for as long as the loan is valid.

How much is each monthly repayment?

It’s difficult to determine the amount you will have to pay each month. It depends on:

– The size of the loan

– The interest rate

– The length of the mortgage.

How much can I borrow?

Figuring out how much you can borrow is difficult because the amount depends on your ability to pay the loan (or rather, your capacity), as well as your income. Therefore, each buyer will be assessed individually to determine the maximum amount.

However, the maximum mortgage you can get is usually 3.5 times the buyer’s gross annual income and 80% of the value of the property they want to buy. Still, it can vary. In fact, the limit varies depending on whether someone is a first-time buyer if they intend to buy in order to let, etc. Thus, for those who are buying a home for the first time, the mortgage may be 90% of the value of up to a €220,000-worth property. Meanwhile, it can also be 70% for buy-to-let properties.

How much is the length of a mortgage?

Every mortgage has a life span or term. In general, everyone abides by a simple rule: the shorter the mortgage, the faster you repay it, and vice versa. However, this also means that monthly repayments are higher with shorter terms.

First-time buyers can get mortgages that last up to 35 years. Meanwhile, those who want to trade up or down can get a 30-year mortgage. What’s important to remember, though, is that a mortgage can never go past age 70.

What is an LTV ratio?

LTV stands for loan-to-value, and it is a ratio that tells you how much mortgage you have in comparison to the worth of the property. It’s a percentage that shows how much you own and how much the pure mortgage is.

Calculating the LTV ratio is easy. For example, if the house you’re looking to buy costs €200,000, and you get a mortgage that’s worth €150,000, the LTV ratio is 75%. Thus, the equity part, i.e., the part that’s yours, equals €50,000.

What will the lenders use as criteria for mortgage approval?

Although each lender can consider various factors to decide if you can get a mortgage or not, the most common ones are:

– Age (you have to be at least 18 years old, and you also cannot be 70 years old at the end of the mortgage term)

– Repayment capability — the lender needs to know you can repay the mortgage. However, know that the repayment on any loan shouldn’t be over 35% of the borrower’s net income

– Steady employment and whether you have worked for the same employer for at least two years (kept continuous employment)

– Good account management

– Credit history (lenders value good credit scores)

This type of information will help the lender decide if they should approve the mortgage. Nevertheless, it has been shown that the repayment capacity is the most crucial factor.

How big of a deposit does a mortgage require?

For each mortgage, you’ll have to pay a deposit. According to central bank deposit rules, a first-time buyer would have to pay 10%. Thus, if the property is worth €300,000, the deposit is 10% of that — €30,000.

Is there anything I should pay attention to when getting a mortgage?

The most important things you ought to remember when taking out a mortgage are mortgage protection and home insurance.

In order to secure contents, buildings, and private homes, buyers have to arrange property home insurance. The amount they’ll have to pay for it usually depends on two factors:

– If the house had to be rebuilt, how much would it cost?

– If all the contents of the house got destroyed, went missing or anything similar, how much would it cost to replace them?

In contrast, mortgage protection, or mortgage insurance, is related to you specifically. It’s important to have it because, even though it’s unlikely, there is a chance that you could die before the mortgage is repaid in full. Thus, most lenders ask for it. In essence, it is a type of life assurance that lasts for as long as the mortgage lasts. If the borrower or the joint borrower dies, this insurance provides the lender with the remainder of the loan before the mortgage term ends.

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