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Below a sample of the items we have financed in the past. For more information please call us on 1890 255 346 or email

Leasable Items - TransportationTransportation

Cars, Vans, Trucks & Buses / Forklifts, Tractors & Trailers / Tracking systems

Leasable Items - ManufacturingManufacturing

Woodworking, Steelworking and Glass Cutting machinery / Production software

IT & Office

Phones, Computers, Software and Office Fit-Out

Retail EPOS SystemShop

ePOS systems, Refrigeration units, Shelving, Ovens & Deli counters, Security Systems


Theatre, Dental & Veterinary Equipment, X-Ray machines, & Orthopaedic beds


Alarms, CCTV & Tagging systems