29 June 2018

Central Bank encourages people to save money by switching their mortgage

29 June 2018,

The Central Bank is taking a step forward to give some advantage to mortgage holders, especially for people who could easily save money by…

21 May 2018

Central Bank Governor is concerned about falling house prices

21 May 2018,

During a meeting of the Oireachtas Finance Committee, the regulator informed attendees of a significant risk that home valuations will show a backward movement…

23 April 2018

Irish Families are worried about possible future financial hardship

23 April 2018,

Irish Life has published some recent research which suggests that fifty per cent of the working population consider that they are just three paydays…

9 April 2018

Housing Dilemma: Tens of thousands would buy right now, but not enough new homes are being built.

9 April 2018,

It is of significant concern that many people are ready and indeed anxious to move or buy a home, but unfortunately the demand for…

21 April 2016

Central Bank Mortgage Rules – a year down the road

21 April 2016,

Just over a year ago The Central Bank made changes to the mortgage rules affecting the purchase of a new family home. A year down…