16 November 2020

Around 60% Of Irish Mortgage Holders May Be Spending €10,000 More Than They Should

16 November 2020,

According to a recent Central Bank report, switching your mortgage lender can pay you upwards of ten thousand euros in savings. However, the majority…

9 November 2020

How Switching Providers Can Save You Thousands In Mortgage, Energy And More

9 November 2020,

Regularly switching service suppliers is something that buyers should be embracing to get the best deals possible, be it from electricity and gas bills…

12 August 2020

Why You Should Review Your Mortgage Options Today

12 August 2020,

House buyers in Ireland are currently facing a dilemma regarding mortgages, that is if they should make a switch or not. One of the…

11 October 2019

Five Steps To Getting A Cheaper Mortgage Amid Lender Price War

11 October 2019,

The mortgage price war, which started in the summer, has continued into the autumn – making it easier for first-time buyers and homeowners in…

20 September 2019

Revealed: mortgage switch savings reach €3,400 a year!

20 September 2019,

Thousands of homeowners are needlessly overpaying their banks due to their failure in switching mortgage lenders. The cost to the average mortgage holder has…