13 May 2015

The new Central Bank rules and there effect on the Irish Mortgage Market

13 May 2015,

In February of this year the Central Bank announced new rules for mortgage applicants What are they? How do the 15% exceptions apply? What…

28 November 2014

What are Leasing and HP? How do they differ from other finance methods?

28 November 2014,

In today’s economic climate it’s more important than ever to be as efficient and effective with your cash and cash flow as you can,…

10 October 2014

An Update On The Dublin Mortgage Market

10 October 2014,

No matter from which angle you look at the Dublin mortgage market, there’s no getting away from the fact that three of the key…

18 April 2014

Retirement or Buy Out Bonds

18 April 2014,

10 simple things that everyone should know about Retirement Bonds 1.    What exactly is a Retirement Bond?  A Retirement, or Buy Out Bond is…