21 April 2016

Central Bank Mortgage Rules – a year down the road

21 April 2016,

Just over a year ago The Central Bank made changes to the mortgage rules affecting the purchase of a new family home. A year down…

3 November 2014

I am in negative equity can I still get a mortgage?

3 November 2014,

There are, unfortunately, a staggering number of people who feel trapped by negative equity. Negative equity, put very simply is when the value of…

10 October 2014

Preparing To Apply For A Mortgage

10 October 2014,

If you’re thinking about taking the step from renting to home ownership for the first time, the whole world of property purchase and mortgages…

16 October 2013

How much can I really borrow?

16 October 2013,

When looking for content to put on the new look website I thought why not once and for all come up with a calculator…